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Extracts from Call of the Soul




When everything you try goes wrong, when every road you expectantly

travel leads to a dead-end or where the relationship that this time

you felt sure was right comes to an acrimonious full-stop you may

question why you bother, why you are here at all.


It is at these moments when you seem to be going nowhere fast that

you must slow down, reflect and be at your most positive. In each of

these periods in your life you confront a potential tipping point where

you decide either to fall deeper into a self-pitying mental abyss or you

decide to use your unique independence of mind, your individual will

and character and, most of all, your belief in yourself to step back

from the brink and move on.


Our lives are not supposed to be an

untroubled, uninterrupted stroll toward broad, sunlit uplands. No-one

has had a life trajectory that hasn’t at one point been cruelly

deflected. Without set-backs we would never self-examine or reflect

or take stock. Without this self-examination we would never grow,

become more confident, or learn as a person. So, appreciate that setbacks

do not happen only to you, they do not question your existence

and yours alone.


If everything you try goes pear-shaped it is not because you are

useless but rather that you are working at the wrong things. If you

keep coming up against dead-ends that exhaust your motivation you

are simply on the wrong road or have taken a wrong turning on the

right one – find your reverse gear and turn around. If relationships

are not working out it may be because, in the absence of any other,

you are trying to put all your life’s meaning into them thereby forcing

issues instead of letting them develop naturally. Or, thankfully you may

simply have saved yourself a basket-full of future grief by off-loading

someone who, for your life journey, is totally unsuited to you.


So, never be despondent or feel worthless if you find yourself at yet

another crossroads, you now have one of the most exciting emotions

known to us all, something we all envy - freedom and opportunity.

Freedom and blessed release from what wasn’t working for you and

exciting opportunities to seek all kinds of possibilities that will. If you

don’t believe me ask anybody stuck in rut what they would desire

most. You have moved from the realm of limited possibility and low

expectation to suddenly having a myriad of exciting choices.


You are here because you are needed. As in nature, you exist because

you have role to play and a skill to contribute. Within us all, whether

in our souls, subconscious or heart, we retain an image of what we

can be, an illustration of the life we can lead. History is littered with

examples of ordinary people whose inner vision has driven them

forward unrestricted or undeterred by set-back or circumstance.


‘Callings’ are not restricted to missionaries, explorers or doctors, we all

have a call from our soul to live out our true purpose. This call of the

soul is the invisible guiding force within us and we should never ignore

it. The Ancient Greeks called it daimon and the Romans had an even

better name for it; genius. This genius is within us all.


You have a duty to yourself to retain your self-esteem not least

because you are a unique creation. We are not simply the result and

mirror of the vagaries of our genes and environment. We have a

wholly individual identity apart from those reference points; we are

what our imaginations and souls tell us we are. We are not products

of places and events nor are we a product of our parents in the sense

that it is inevitable we will be just like them.


All of the above, of

course, are factors that can shape us (if we allow them to) but they

pale into insignificance when compared with the power our individual

minds and souls have to define ourselves. Consider the thought for a

moment that we don’t exist because our parents engaged in sex, but

rather they engaged in sex because of the necessity of bringing us into

existence. You are that important.


‘At the outset we need to make clear that today’s framework for

understanding a human life, the interplay of genetics and environment,

omits something essential – the particularity (that) you feel to be you.’

James Hillman.’


Action: You are needed, you can offer something, you are part of the

story, there is a reason you are here. Never let external events or other

people steal your sense of self and genius. Listen to the calling of your

soul and enact its message.