Nigel Brett. Author and Freelance Writer Website Design, Content and Blogs Search Engine Optimisation Author of CALL OF THE SOUL facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedIn
            Nigel Brett. Author and Freelance Writer              Website Design, Content and Blogs                   Search Engine Optimisation                     Author of CALL OF THE SOUL   facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedIn

Freelance page - pen for hire.

Nigel Brett.

Author and Freelance Writer.


Words are vital.

Used properly they inform, instruct and influence.They inspire and engage people and make them think.  Using the right words arouses interest, desire and action. Giving no consideration to the words you are using can have the opposite effect.  So, using the right words in the right way is important if you want your message to be absorbed and acted upon and I work with words to create the reaction you require. Put simply, any writing must achieve something, must have a clear purpose and intent otherwise it is just froth and there is already plenty of that around.  


I have worked in many different sections of the UK economy over the last thirty years both in an employed and self-employed capacity. I understand that business can be creative and innovative but ultimately exists to make a profit. I am not, therefore, a creative that has lost sight of the real world and I offer practical and effective writing solutions for businesses and individuals. But most of all I use words to achieve your goals.


                         Website Design and Content. Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)

I work as a catalyst between the client and the technical webmaster. After initial consultation with the client to establish the essence of their business and therefore key phrases for SEO purposes, I design the layout and write the content of the Home Page which then drives the content of the rest of the web pages. All design and content is geared to maximise search engine optimisation.



Why employ me?

  • Wide experience of the business world especially property.

  • Entrepreneur who set up and ran own high-earning property business.

  • Former PR Manager for an international logistics company.

  • Qualified Journalist.

  • Author of self-help book Call of the Soul published in 2016.

  • Vastly experienced in ideas, copy creation, writing and editing.

  • Educated at the Royal Agricultural College and De Montfort University.

  • Personable, practical and realistic.



Particular interests:

Property – experience in all aspects.

Mountain walking and historical buildings

History – ancient and modern


Biographical research

Mindfulness and True Purpose – the pursuit of individual happiness

Countryside, Travel and Geography

Coping with bereavement

Human interest stories especially with a life message.


Professional football.



What sort of writing do you require?

Website design, content and editing.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Product reviews, marketing text, annual reports.

Bids, proposals, applications, company articles

Copywriting for advertisements, products etc

PR and News releases. In-house or external company magazines.

Social media releases. Script for videos, YouTube etc.

Speechwriting for business events or private functions.

Sales copy, leaflets, training guides, journals etc

E-books or blog posts. Ghost writing and Memoirs

Research projects, non-fiction writing, personal statements, CV’s.



Basic rate of £25.00 per hour. Other rates may apply for particular projects. Please email for a quotation.